Key Note Speaker with a BIG heart

"Chrissie was a guest speaker for a professional development function for Maternal and Child Health Nurses. She specifically tailored her presentation to the professionals present. Chrissie was able to acknowledge our area of expertise, whilst also introducing and re enforcing all her amazing knowledge about child development and behaviour. As a speaker Chrissie is incredibly engaging. Something that is not easy to achieve virtually. My team finished the session feeling inspired and motivated."- Kelli Burgie - Yarra Ranges Maternal Health Association

Neuro affirming perceptions and the language we use to talk about kids is where it all starts....

Looking for an engaging, credible and heart felt speaker?

Then look no further. Affectionately known as ‘The Child Charmer’, Chrissie Davies is a trauma informed educator, author, speaker, child advocate, parent and founder of Chaos to Calm Consultancy.

With more than twenty years of experience achieving positive, game-changing results for countless families and schools under her belt, she is a sought after presenter.

Offering a trauma informed, neuroaffirming, evidence backed guidance to support understandings of growing up kid's brains.

Chrissie's speaker topics for families or educators:

-See the child NOT the behaviour
-P.L.A.C.E - a trauma informed behaviour philosophy
-Emotion Coaching
-Little people BIG feelings
-Tantrum Toolbox
-The ADHD neurotype and how it presents in children
-Raising intrinsically motivated children
-Love your brain: Developing a growth mindset in children
-Set kids up for success in education -trauma informed practices
-Understanding supports and accommodations in the classroom
-Using therapeutic approaches in classrooms
-Understanding meltdowns and neurodivergent children
-Repair after rupture

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Relatable, knowedgeable and with lived experience of raising neurodivergent kiddos.....

Chrissie specialises in educating parents and teachers about the importance of empowering children to understand themselves, and is available to speak on a wide range of topics relating to children's behaviours. After a long and successful career working in Specialist Educational Settings, Chrissie saw the need for more positive education when it comes to understanding children and how they move through the world. She brings over 25 years of experience, and encourages people to view children's behaviour as their form of communication and engagement with their environment.

Chrissie has a very unique lense in that she was a specialist educator for 15 years, and is now raising her own gorgeous neurodivergent kiddos. With a specific focus on brain development, strength's based, collaboration, emotional intelligence and social learning she draws on her vast experience and therapeutic approaches to share her knowledge about how to 'See the child NOT the behaviour". Most importantly though, she wants us to help kids understand and embrace themselves for who they are. She actively listens and learns from the neurodivergent community about ways we can continue to strive for change in our education system.

She is a nationally accredited Emotion Coach, Tuning in to kids AND Bringing up great kids facilitator, and is also trained in the Berry Street Educational Model.

There's a reason why people everywhere are falling in love with her positive messages about raising kids in the modern world - and you will too! She is constantly training and updating her skills and knowledge and has a particular passion for supporting kids with Anxiety, ADHD and trauma backgrounds. Chrissie recently spoke at the national ADHD Conference and is a sought after presented in schools, childcare centres and community organisations.

"Chrissie presented at a whole school staff professional development day at our school and it was hands down the BEST EVER! Chrissie comes from an extraordinary position of being able to provide perspectives from so many complex angles including as a parent, an advocate and voice for neurodivergent children who need our compassion the most, as an experienced educator, plus her own lived experiences. If you are considering in investing in quality education you need to upskill the teachers and this is the PD that you walk away from with more tricks in your tool belt, a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm and a will to advocate more passionately for neurodivergent children. Brilliant, very refreshing and passionate."

"Chrissie's presentation to our staff was exactly what we were looking for. She was extremely engaging, but most importantly, informative. The staff were also able to ask relevant questions to support the students in their care. I highly recommend Chrissie to support schools as well as families!"

"I feel so much more equipped and empowered to understand the ADHDers in our school community. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge with us and also reminding us about the importance of always leading with compassion and empathy on the difficult days. I am now so much more aware of how these kids think and move through the world and have so many great tools that I can implement into my approach in the classroom practice."

See the child NOT the behaviour.

"Chrissie thank you so much for the Professional Development you can for our early childhood educators last night. When I came into the centre this morning, the staff were absolutely buzzing and inspired in a way like I have never seen before. They were so motivated and had already started creating some of the resources you suggested. You are such a delight to work with and I cannot wait to bring you back for our other centres later this year!"

"Chrissie was recently a key note speaker with Hobsons Bay Libraries, providing an engaging and knowledgeable presentation to library patrons, about building emotional literacy and resilience, using children's literature. She was so well-prepared and provided a wealth of information for parents and carers to take away with them.  Attendees left glowing feedback. I would definitely recommend Chrissie as a key-note speaker and will certainly engage her expertise again in the future.

"Thanks Chrissie! Love your work, your heart, your voice for kids, and your absolute passion for educating the big people who walk alongside them."

"One hour filled with so much goodness, inspiring, every school should have Chrissie come and talk. Every parent should follow her. Exceptional."

"I cannot recommend Chrissie highly enough. Her philosophy,  approach and direction towards children and their upbringing is so refreshing and insightful. I love how she breaks concepts down for everyone to understand and apply them in our day to day life."

"As a Kindergarten educator I find Chrissie’s webinars inspiring, authentic, based on current research and filled with practical takeaways that you can implement immediately into your teaching and learning program to support all learners. Her presentations deepen your current understandings, are professionally presented and advocate for the positive relationships between children, families and educators.

Chaos to Calm Consultancy would like to acknowledge the Wadawarrung people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging -particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents who walked before us supporting and connecting their children to the earth, water and community. Always was. Always will be.

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