What do you see when you look at me?

“Creating a whole new generation of emotionally healthy families & classrooms” - Chrissie Davies

During this inspiring and informative school community presentation Chrissie will share her knowledge with families and educators about how they can walk alongside each other in education.


  • Separating the child from the behaviour; supporting your child at home
  • Viewing behaviour through a brain based lens
  • Different but NOT less: being an inclusive and supportive community
  • Neuro affirming language and perceptions about behaviour
  • Naughty, rude, disruptive OR distressed, dysregulated, overwhelmed, in need of support?
  • Why it is SO important for families and educators to work collaboratively in schools
  • Understanding supports and accommodations in the classroom
  • Utilising and communicating your knowledge and understanding of your child's needs: you are the EXPERT when it comes to your child and you have valuable knowledge to share
  • Your role in your child's learning success
  • The importance of a strengths based model in education for our neurodivergent kids

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Chaos to Calm Consultancy would like to acknowledge the Wadawarrung people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging -particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents who walked before us supporting and connecting their children to the earth, water and community. Always was. Always will be.

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