Therapeutic ADHD Conference Geelong

Join Chrissie Davies - Child Behaviour Specialist

in this life changing conference experience focusing on understanding and supporting the ADHD community.

This is a conference created  by an ADHDer with specific key learning elements - takes one to know one right?

Lock it in baby!

17th February 2024 9:30am
2024-02-17 9:30 am









Join Chrissie Davies -Child Behaviour Specialist-  in this life changing conference experience focusing on understanding and supporting the ADHD community.

This is a conference created  by an ADHDer with specific key learning elements - takes one to know one right?

The ADHD brain is uniquely wired and often misunderstood. Not only does Chrissie have over 25 years of professional knowledge of supporting neurodivergent children and families - she loves two amazing little ADHD'ers with all of her heart.

Navigating her own children's identification, led her to the incredible unfurling of her own amazing ADHD brain. It is such an inspiring story. (You'll hear more about that if you come along.)
It also alarmingly, highlighted to Chrissie the amount of work we have to do in our education system and wider communities to support kids and families living with ADHD. There is still so much stigma, shame and damaging information floating around about and this really needs to change.

So, Chrissie set to work. In true ADHD style.

This drove her to write her highly acclaimed second children's book "Love me love my ADHD" and NOW.....using her strengths, passions, hyperfocus,  determination and DOPAMINE fueled creative talents.... this conference is her next gift to the world.

Love Your Brain book cover.
Chrissie and her amazing colleagues, will be sharing their 'lived experiences' and professional insights into the ways they; draw on the current research, neurodiversity affirming beliefs, trauma informed practices, holistic behaviour supports, accommodate, advocate and SO much more.

We cannot wait to share our knowledge with you, and hope you walk away feeling inspired, empowered, informed and equipped to go out into the world and champion for the ADHD community.
Love Your Brain book cover.

Chrissie Davies - MC

Chrissie Davies is a child behaviour specialist, trauma informed educator, consultant, author, guest speaker, loving mama of two, and fierce advocate for understanding ADHD children, and how we can include them in our community.

Chrissie has been putting the 'chill" into children for twenty five years. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live their life with radical playfulness, love, acceptance, curiosity and empathy and a bucket load of fun along the way.  

She lives with her husband and young family on the Surf Coast of Victoria.

Chrissie is particularly passionate about supporting ADHDers  in educational settings and sharing her knowledge with teachers. She has lived experience of raising children who move through the world in their own unique way. Chrissie wants people far and wide to understand that with the right supports and understandings - all children can THRIVE!

Sparkly Live Speaker Line Up

Helen Barrett
The wisdom in ADHD: A survival response to trauma and inauthenticity
Julie Murray
Active Music Making for Busy Bodies, Strong Brains and Positive Self Talk
Tony Vallance
ADHDAF- The scars and stars of neurodivergent life
Lael Stone
Seeing the child right in front of you
Robyn Papworth
Calming the storm from within
Chrissie Davies
Love me love my ADHD

Sparkly Virtual Contributors

Sonny Jane Wise
We're All Neurodiverse
Ruth Fellowes
Neuro Nutrition: better moods and behaviour
Em Hammond
Creating a more inclusive world through drawings

Show me the money!

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Flying Solo

You may walk in alone - but you will absolutely leave feeling understood, inspired and more connected to your community, your child (and possibly yourself) than ever before. We got you!

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Body Doubling Buddies

Having an accountability buddy ensures you are more likely to stay focused. So find your buddy and away you go!

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Better Together
(Table of 10)

The research is clear. Kids who are in families and whole school communities/organisations that are committed to shared approaches to understanding ADHDers, improve the trajectory of their life!

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A conference like you have NEVER experienced

  • Location: GMHBA Stadium - Presidents Room
  • Free all day parking onsite
  • Full Disability access
  • Flexible learning environment  - plenty of room to wriggle, lay, lean, lounge, roll, spin, flap or stand - you do you BOO! (Did somebody say beanbags?)
  • Short sharp presentations - stay focused now!
  • Quiet sensory space- power naps welcomed!
  • All natural lighting
  • A mix of live, panel and virtual speakers
  • Brain breaks, movement breaks and sensory breaks
  • A snazzy workbook to store all your notes and new ideas
  • Amazing businesses showcasing their offerings and supports for the ADHD community
Love Your Brain book cover.

I know your brain needs MORE......

How long will the conference run for?

We understand cognitive fatigue and information overload can be a real challenge for ADHDers. We know how your brain works!

This is an all-day conference (9:30am-4pm) so psyche yourself up for a wonderful day of learning, creating new connections and celebrating the amazing ADHD neurotype!

There will be LOTS of breaks, interactions, activities and a sensory room if you need some time to yourself.

(Full speaker order and times will be released closer to the date.)

You will also have plenty of time to browse the business offerings.

Just breathe. You got this. This will not be like any other conference you have ever attended before.

Is the conference just for families or can educators and therapists come along too?

OMG! YES! YES! YES! These amazing humans are an integral part of the ADHD community, and we welcome them with open arms. We cannot do life without them, so it's important that they are on our neurodiversity affirming team and supporting everyone to live their best  life!

Will it just be child focused?

The conference will be focusing on how we can support ADHDers to reach their full potential. We will cover SO many topics which are integral to your understandings about the ADHD neurotype. All of these learnings are totally applicable for our sparkly adults too.

Is there public transport nearby?

Ok, so we know that travel can be quite stressful for ADHDers who often get lost or are running late, so choosing a huge football stadium for the venue was no coincidence.

Geelong is approximately one hour from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station.

The Geelong Railway Station situated 1.8 kilometres to the north of the stadium, and South Geelong Station located 450 metres to the east.

Avalon airport is also 30 minutes away from the venue.

Will there be food and drinks available?

Great question - we don't want you getting hangry now!

There is an onsite cafe that will be open and ready to serve you, and coffee vans available for you to purchase from on the day.

You are most welcome to bring along your own safe foods, but out of courtesy to the venue you will be asked to eat outside on the grass area.

Hopefully the sun will be shining down on us that day and you will be able get outside and enjoy some fresh air at the same time.

Hydration stations will be available all day throughout the conference.

Can I claim this conference using my NDIS funding?

Absolutely! Chrissie works with many families accessing the NDIS, and she has created a tax invoice for you to use to utilise your funding.

You can request an invoice at the checkout.

Otherwise, pay upfront and lodge for reimbursement after the conference has run.

Can I get a refund if I cannot make it on the day?

Unfortunately, no. There is ALOT of planning and financial outlay that goes into organising a conference of this size and also paying the incredible speakers for thier time and knowledge.

Therefore, there are strictly no refunds for this event.

We know that ADHD life can often throw some curveballs, so tickets are transferable to a friend or family member if you cannot make it on the day. This must be arranged privately.

Can I bring my children to this conference?

Ummmm have you ever tried to have an adult conversation with ADHDers around? I rest my case!

This is a child free event for a multitude of reasons. Babes in arms most welcome.

If you wanted to bring a teen leaning more into the adult ADHDer side of life - they are absolutely most welcome to come along.

Refund Policy

No refund, There is a lot of planning and financial outlay that goes into organising a conference of this size. However, we understand that ADHD life can often throws some curveballs your way, so tickets are transferable to a friend or family member.

Organiser Information

Chrissie Davies
Chaos to Calm Consultancy

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Chaos to Calm Consultancy would like to acknowledge the Wadawarrung people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging -particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents who walked before us supporting and connecting their children to the earth, water and community. Always was. Always will be.

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