Lael Stone

Seeing the child right in front of you

One of the greatest challenges in growing up kids, is learning to trust them in their own journey. They have so much that awaits them in this life, and it is our absolute privilege to be their guides.

So many of us have been conditioned to control or power over our children in order to make them conform or fit in. Yet, when we can look through a lens of trust and curiosity, we begin to see the incredible gifts that our children offer us and the world. And boy do our ADHDers like to do things their own way!

When we can learn to trust out instincts and be open to our own learnings and imprints, we can shift our focus to connection and compassion.

Understanding these powerful elements can also help us shift our beliefs about children, our systems, and especially our education system and how children learn. Our ADHDers are truly amazing - you just have to truly SEE them.

Lael will also share how and why she built a school - yep - she built a school called Woodline- that is changing the landscape for the way we do things in education that are more aligned with child development, and children's need to be free to explore and learn in their own ways.

Flying Solo

You may walk in alone - but you will absolutely leave feeling understood, inspired and more connected to your community, your child (and possibly yourself) than ever before. We got you!

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Body Doubling Buddies

Having an accountability buddy ensures you are more likely to stay focused. We know how difficult this can be for ADHDers, so find your body double buddy and away you go!

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Better Together
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The research is clear. Kids who are in families and whole school communities/organisations that are committed to shared approaches to understanding ADHDers, improve the trajectory of their life!

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Chaos to Calm Consultancy would like to acknowledge the Wadawarrung people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging -particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents who walked before us supporting and connecting their children to the earth, water and community. Always was. Always will be.

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