Chrissie Davies

Love me love my ADHD

Being an ADHD'er comes with many strengths and amazing qualities, and speaker Chrissie Davies should know – she identifies as having ADHD herself. She may have been late to the ADHD part-ay, but it has been the most incredible unfurling of her amazing brain and connecting with herself on the deepest level possible. This is why she is a fierce advocate for teaching kids all about their amazing brains from a young age. She wants people everywhere to be using terms like 'executive functioning, dopamine, hyper focus' as part of everyday language.

Chrissie inspires families everywhere to embrace their ADHD-ness with playfulness, positivity, acceptance and a bucket load of love. She will be discussing: the importance of focusing on your child's unique qualities and characteristics, shifting medication stigma, building a robust and neurodiversity-affirming support system around you, feeling confident to advocate your needs, and RADICALLY EMBRACING life as an amazing ADHD family.

Chrissie dreams of a world in which all of our differently wired kiddos can have access to education in a way that works with their incredible strengths, abundance of energy, creativities, curiosities and fabulous sense of humour.

Chrissie will be sharing her personal insights about her children’s educational journey and how her family’s life was transformed when they found a school that understands the complex ADHD brain, and most importantly, believes in her kids as much as she does.

"Our kids are SO much more than the behaviours we see on the surface. We have got to look deeper into understanding their neurotype, fluctuating emotions, highly activated nervous systems and desperate need for an innate felt sense of safety and belonging. Only then, can they fully grow into the incredible ADHDers they are destined to become."

Flying Solo

You may walk in alone - but you will absolutely leave feeling understood, inspired and more connected to your community, your child (and possibly yourself) than ever before. We got you!

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Body Doubling Buddies

Having an accountability buddy ensures you are more likely to stay focused. We know how difficult this can be for ADHDers, so find your body double buddy and away you go!

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Better Together
(Table of 10)

The research is clear. Kids who are in families and whole school communities/organisations that are committed to shared approaches to understanding ADHDers, improve the trajectory of their life!

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