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Chrissie's much anticipated second picture story book is here, and she couldn't be more excited. Love me love my ADHD is a book that is so worthy of a place in your book collection.

"What do you see when you look at me?

A boy with a pet lizard at the top of the tallest tree.

Or a girl singing, dancing, and cartwheeling with a sticky band-aid on her knee.

Come and spend the day with our family.

You will learn SO much about living with ADHD,

And we bet it’s not what you expect it to be."

Welcome to the world of Clancy and Tully – they see the world a little differently and in the most amazing ways!

Love Me, Love My ADHD is a heart-warming book that shines a light on the world of children (and families) living with ADHD.

Focusing on the strengths and challenges that come with being an ADHDer, this book emphasises that ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all experience and that no two ADHDers are the same.

Even on their hardest days, our ADHDers have something valuable to offer, and we should always celebrate our differences. Now you can spend a day in the life of these kids and see how their family, friends, teachers and peers support them to achieve their best.

Written by child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies and illustrated by Trish Burton, Love ME, Love my ADHD encourages families, educators, and, most importantly, children to understand this complex neurotype and how it presents itself in the human brain.

The book is about a family that loves and accepts their kiddos just the way they are rather than who others want them to be. The book shows just how differently this complex neurotype can present for individuals. Even on their hardest days, our ADHDers have something valuable to offer, and we should always celebrate our differences.

Through this story, young readers will learn that no matter where they go, there will always be people who love and appreciate their unique energy, vibe, and amazing mind. It is the perfect combination of storytelling and ADHD facts and introduces children to important terms such as - Neurotype, Executive functioning, Dopamine, Hyper focus, Fluctuation and Radical Acceptance.

So, let's all come together and celebrate our differences because, with love, support, and patience, our amazing ADHD kids can do anything they set their brilliant minds to!

We must celebrate their strengths and keep their colours shining brightly, and wrap them up in love and support on their stormy days.

"Love me love my ADHD'"

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