Parent like no-one is watching

Want to have the confidence to parent like no-one is watching?

I want to share with you a true story that happened just this week when I was out and about with my almost four year old son(see cute pic attached for reference!) at our local library.

He literally lost his beautiful mind right in the middle of the library because I wouldn’t let him take the straw out of his hot chocolate. Yes I know – I am a meanie!

Now we all know that library’s are typically meant to be a quiet place. These are the unwritten rules of the world that our toddlers find so hard to follow due to their developing brains. And as much as we try to teach them that in the library they must use their ‘inside voice’, it is really hard for them to do the right thing all of the time.

So, there I am with my screaming toddler when out of the corner of my eye I see a man reading his newspaper glaring at me. The I turn to my the left and I see the librarian doing the same.

Now in this moment folks, I have a very simple choice.

I can choose to leave the library because it is making other people feel uncomfortable, or I can choose to stay to teach my child about how to behave in different environments.

Many of the families that I educate and inspire,  tell me that they often leave the park or the Zoo when their child is having a hard time because they worry about being  judged as a parent. I work really hard with them to teach them to have the confidence to stay.

To parent like no-one is watching.

Because every time we leave somewhere because our kids are having a hard time or we are embarrassed, then we actually don’t teach our kids them

So, I saw and felt the little old man peering over his glasses at me. I smiled at the librarian watching me to see how I was going to manage aforementioned screaming toddler.

And I continued to emotion coach my child and regulate him and get on with our morning.

Here’s what I tell myself too:

I refuse to tell myself I’m a terrible mother because my child is having a tantrum.

And no, I won’t get upset with my gorgeous little human who is still putting the ^big wide world^ puzzle pieces together.

My job, as his mama is to teach him how to behave in all environments.

Which is why I choose to stay, rather than leave.

Want to learn more about how I parent like no-one is watching? Let’s chat!

Love Chrissie x x

About the Author

Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies is an educator, author, speaker, child advocate, parent and founder of Chaos to Calm Consultancy. With more than twenty years of experience achieving positive, game-changing results for countless families under her belt she is a sought after presenter. Offering a fresh approach to understanding and raising children in a modern world, Chrissie is particularly passionate about creating happier and safer home and classroom environments.

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