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Last week my hubby won a little bit of extra cash on the horses. Yipeee! We made a spontaneous decision to book a last minute cabin & head on down to the surf coast for the long weekend.

We booked, packed the suitcases, threw a few snacks into a bag & hit the road within an hour. The kids were beside themselves. They looked out the window the whole way trying to spot animals. We made predictions about what our cabin would be like. Little did we actually know, that we would arrive to our accommodation to find the teeniest tiniest little cabin you could ever find. The last one available.

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“No joke- the whole thing was as big as our lounge room! “

The kids squealed with delight at their bunk beds. We had been practising our two kids sleeping in a room together and up to this point hadn’t had much success, so we were hoping the sleep Gods would be looking down on us.

No king sized bed.
No creature comforts.
We even forgot the Vegemite & we had butter on toast for breakfast!

But you know what? My kids did not stop smiling! The winter sun was a beautiful surprise. A kindly reminder from the universe that we are so very spoiled in our lives….but that children do not need much to be happy!

We spent the weekend down at the beach. It was cold, but sunny, and of course the kids were just dying to get wet – even though we told them that the water would be freezing. My daughter drew a trail of love hearts in the sand. They spent over an hour climbing on an old tree. We cooked sausages on the camp BBQ and went on a night walk with torches looking for koalas.

As my hubby & I snuggled up with our wine on the tiny two seater couch under a blanket (because the heating was less than great) we chatted about how lucky we were to have our beautiful life together, our home, our beautiful children and all that comes with it.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the need to always be wanting bigger and better. Our houses are being built larger than ever with all the latest gadgets. Our children have more stuff than they could ever possibly need.

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness that is life – work, school drop offs, swimming, catch ups with friends, that at times it can take just a simple last minute getaway in a budget cabin to bring us back to a place of true gratitude.

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When I asked my kids what they loved the best about our winter holiday they both agreed excitedly that sleeping in bunk beds was their highlight. Playing on the beach in the sand came a close second. My daughter also just loved walking around the caravan park with the map matching all the numbers on the cabins.

“So, I am going to try to be more mindful of the fact that our children don’t need more stuff – they just need us – their families – their trusted adults.”

They need to be taught that we don’t find love and happiness in objects. That true happiness comes from a place within our hearts, minds and souls.

Our children can find happiness in the smallest of things like a bright torch on a dark winter’s night and a sausage in bread. We can all learn a lot from our kids.

“And when you love what you already have, you have everything that you will ever need.”

Love Chrissie x x

“Empowering families to create the perfect mix of chaos & love”

About the Author

Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies is an educator, author, speaker, child advocate, parent and founder of Chaos to Calm Consultancy. With more than twenty years of experience achieving positive, game-changing results for countless families under her belt she is a sought after presenter. Offering a fresh approach to understanding and raising children in a modern world, Chrissie is particularly passionate about creating happier and safer home and classroom environments.

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