Board games are back!

The good old fashioned board games are making a comeback in our household…in a big way!

I have used board games for many years with kids who have social and emotional behaviour issues. Turn taking and understanding how to be a good loser were high on the list of interaction modifications for lots of children.

Board games are such a fun and easy way to interact with children, whilst also teaching them some valuable and important life skills. Skills such as patience, waiting your turn, the art of strategy, concentration, teamwork, winning and losing and of course, friendship.

Board games seem to be a bit forgotten in this day and age of multi media. I remember fondly times from my childhood when my family would be gather around the dining room table playing games together. It brought connection, laughter and fun into our family evenings.

Many hours were also spent on long drives playing card games in the back seat with my brothers. There was a constant battle between us over who was going to be the reigning Uno champion. Such wonderful memories to be able to hold onto.

Kids these days are glued to their Ipads, and X-Boxes and online games, so lots of those important skills of old are missed, not encouraged or developed as often any more. Quite sad don’t you think?

Kids lack the drive to be able to play independently and seek out adults to entertain them and keep them amused. We live in a world where all children get a ribbon for participating. What happened to just winning or losing and learning to manage those feelings and emotions as they arose?

It is so important that our children are taught the skills to be able to engage with other children (or people for that matter) in appropriate and positive ways.

It is vitally important to remember as parents though that children’ s brain development plays a huge part in their ability to understand the rules and expectations of games.  So a child under the age of three will definitely show an interest and want to to be involved, but will no doubt still really struggle with many of the concepts -eg: waiting your turn!

Young children will need lots of support(and patience) and guidance from an adult, but kids around the age of four should have early understandings of some simple games and their rules and expectations.

If you are looking for something a bit more modern head on over to Lucas Loves Cars – an incredible online boutique toy shop that has an amazing selection of toys for kids and lots of board games to choose from. Helle Warming the creator and founder of Lucas Loves Cars is passionate about providing quality toys to families. She understands full well that toys are about so much more than just simply playing.

Here are Helle’s top picks of board games that are available from her garage:

Whether you prefer modern or a bit old school, the key message that children learn through playing boardgames, is still the same. Our children need us to teach them vital skills necessary for being successful in life. They need to know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose…and that is more than OK.

It’s how you play the game that really is the most important!

Love Chrissie xx

“Empowering families to create the perfect mix of chaos and love”

About the Author

Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies is an educator, author, speaker, child advocate, parent and founder of Chaos to Calm Consultancy. With more than twenty years of experience achieving positive, game-changing results for countless families under her belt she is a sought after presenter. Offering a fresh approach to understanding and raising children in a modern world, Chrissie is particularly passionate about creating happier and safer home and classroom environments.

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